Mary Poppins Returns, a sequel of the original Mary Poppins

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IW: Hi Merlin :) Mar 21, 2021 13:11:42 GMT
asml: Mar 22, 2021 1:28:50 GMT
mironlang: I am fine Thanks Merlin... Yo there IW ))))))))) Hi to all )))))))))) :D :D Mar 22, 2021 18:08:57 GMT
mironlang: LOCKDOWN again here in our Metro cities.. da fuq w/ these fuqin controllers... Mar 30, 2021 5:32:31 GMT
mironlang: LOL :D Mar 30, 2021 5:32:34 GMT
griffo: Shame :/ we are just opening out of lockdown though very slowly Mar 30, 2021 7:46:52 GMT
Myka: No lockdowns here. Gotta give the Texas Gov credit for this one. Most everything is open. Mar 30, 2021 16:41:10 GMT
Blossom: Semi lockdown here in Belgium since last week. Just like the one we had in spring last year. Biggest target is the horeca, the non-essential shops, contact professions and schools. But heavy focus now on PCR/self-testing and home working in companies Mar 30, 2021 17:41:30 GMT
IW: Hello Miron, Griff, Blossom, Merlin and all peeps! Apr 4, 2021 13:55:14 GMT
Blossom: Hello back to you IW! Apr 5, 2021 21:32:20 GMT
griffo: Hello Apr 6, 2021 19:06:56 GMT
angel: Well, I'm not sure how long I can remain here, I mean I'm dealing with all this madness in Canada, I can hear the anger from here, yet they don't do anything about it, I would, even if it's trying, I mean, I can't let Orion Empire down, kind of anyway. Apr 9, 2021 20:46:29 GMT
mironlang: --00-- Apr 10, 2021 17:32:07 GMT
carter: You completely LOST me!..angel Apr 15, 2021 17:26:20 GMT
carter: You completely LOST me, angel! Apr 15, 2021 17:27:37 GMT
griffo: What's the whole thing about some people posting forum post titles in all caps very ouch on the eyes *-* some caps feels alright tho Apr 17, 2021 3:19:10 GMT
IW: I saw a squirrel yesterday and wondered how Henrik is doing.. Apr 18, 2021 12:22:40 GMT
White Buffalo: You probably saw Henrik..... So if the squirrel was doing fine then it follows Henrik is doing fine. And just like the squirrel Henrik is probably very busy doing squirrely things Apr 19, 2021 11:09:24 GMT
girlscout: Good outlook WB! Thanks for your perspective! ❤️ Apr 19, 2021 13:19:29 GMT
IW: Yes squirrel was at the top of the tree testing out a very skinny branch that wasn't holding its weight very well! Apr 20, 2021 1:38:09 GMT
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